Website analysis


We consider website compliance checks as an essential check for schools, since to date 77% of websites we check are not compliant with current legislation. Did you know that many schools whose websites do not meet requirements received no notice Ofsted inspections recently?

How is this different to other companies?

To our knowledge, nobody else offers such a thorough service.  Many companies who do website checks only check if documents are present. We have a wealth of expertise to ensure that the content meets statutory requirements

The website check also includes a full report on the effectiveness of the website according to an industry standard website appraisal. The compliance check is carried out by a qualified systems analyst with a masters degree in multimedia and e-learning.

Cost : These do not involve on site visits and so are very cost effective at £150. The report contains clear things to do to improve the website. If you want the site re-checking after you have amended it, this is just £100. Orders for 5+ schools at a time are £130 per school

How quickly is it done? : Turnaround is no more than 3 days. Usual turnaround is 24 hours

How do I go ahead and commission a website check? : Just drop a line to asking for a website check. This will then be carried out, a report written and an invoice for £150 will be sent to you. It really is that simple.