Frequently asked questions


Are you able to meet subject leaders to challenge and support their curriculum plans?

This is a common request at the moment with the 2019 Ofsted framework focusing on curriculum. I can meet subject leaders and/or visit lessons with them. I normally report back to the headteacher at the end of the day and complete a record of visit within 48 hours.

Are you able to provide performance management for all the principals in my MAT?

Yes, I do this on an annual basis with a number of MATs. I also type the minutes and forward these to you within 48 hours of the meetings.

Do you offer ‘Mocksteds’

There’s no real value in replicating an inspection, so the answer is ‘no’. However, a developmental review is far more beneficial in my experience. This is rigorous and challenging, but also provides much support and advice. No grades are given in developmental reviews.

Do you still check websites for compliance?

Yes. For £150 you will get a comprehensive check of your website to check it meets statutory requirements. 77% of those we check don’t  meet requirements!

We are introducing an annual peer review cycle in our MAT. How can you support us?

Again, this is a common request. Typically, I would provide training materials for the peer reviewers, who are usually senior/middle leaders in other schools in the MAT or LA. Following this, I would normally liaise with each headteacher/principal and agree a set of foci for the reviews. During the reviews, I would normally lead them with peer reviewers contributing. I would then complete a review report for the school.

I need an annual safeguarding review completing, can you do this?

Yes. We do several of these each year.

Are you able to help us open our childcare setting?

No. This is not something we specialise in.

Do you have a valid DBS?

Yes, it is updated annually

AQA have asked me to investigate suspected malpractice. Can you support me?

Yes. I have experience in this. Typically this involves interviews with staff, union reps and scrutiny of scripts/work. It is complex work and each case is different, but you will receive a full report.

Can you review our Nursery provision?

Yes. I have reviewed many nurseries and other early years settings.

We are a very small primary school. Will we be able to afford a day’s consultancy?

Yes, you most certainly will. Now that I’m semi retired, I’m able to reduce my costs significantly, especially to small schools.

I would like a large scale review of one of our secondary schools. Can you do this?

Yes. If the job requires it, I can subcontract other consultants that I trust. All will have a wealth of experience and have up to date DBS certificates.