Health checks


Health checks typically take one day, starting at 9am and finishing at 3pm. The headteacher or other senior leaders are usually present so that feedback is constant. Shortly after the visit, a brief report with the main findings and recommendations is given to the school.

We will look at any areas you request, but more often than not the areas looked at during the day are:

  1. Safeguarding

  2. School development plans

  3. School self evaluation documents

  4. Documents relating to teaching quality

  5. Summary of self evaluation

  6. Achievement data for past and current cohorts

Sometimes lesson observations or ‘learning walks’ are requested as part of health checks. Usually these are undertaken alongside senior leaders to help them moderate judgements.

Primary exampleHealth_checks_files/Health%20check%20primary.pdf
Secondary exampleHealth_checks_files/Health%20check%20report%20secondary.pdf