Consultancy and SIP services


Health checks

Are policies, data, monitoring and evaluation documents etc. fit for purpose and legal.  Is your school self evaluation accurate?

Available for : Nursery, Primary, Secondary, 6th forms

Developmental reviews

These are NOT ‘mock inspections’! We check out your self evaluation and review your whole school.

Available for : Nursery, Primary, Secondary, 6th forms

SIP services

Half termly or termly checks with a focus. Get your school externally checked.

Available for : Nursery, Primary, Secondary, 6th forms

Remote support

We can appraise your self evaluation without an on-site visit, making it very cost effective. You receive it back with tracked changes and if necessary backed up with a phone call so you are able to quickly improve it.

Specialist support

Expert SEN consultancy, headteacher performance management, Self evaluation support, governor support and training

Pupil premium reviews or health checks

A deep dive into how your pupil premium is making a difference. Good advice and support offered at all times.

Safeguarding audits

THE essential annual check.  A full on-site safeguarding audit carried out to industry standards by a safeguarding expert. Available for : Nursery, Primary, Secondary

Please note: We do not provide ‘preparation for Ofsted’ type training.Website_reviews.html